Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not on this page, please visit our Feedback page and let us know your question.

Games FAQ

A game isn't working as expected, why?

Our games require the latest version of your internet browser. Please use the latest version of any of the following browsers:
Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

If you have the latest browser and are still experiencing problems with a game, please visit our Feedback page and let us know the issue.

How can I send students a link to a game that already has a quiz selected for them?

Choose a game from the games page and then choose a quiz. The game will open in a new browser. Highlight the web address in the navigation bar and copy it. You can then paste that link in an email and send it to your students.

When will you be adding new games?

I plan to add new games on a regular basis. I would be very grateful if you would help spread the word about my games by pinning on Pinterest and sharing them on Facebook.

Can I embed one of your games on my blog or website?

No you may not embed any of our games on your website. You are more than welcome to provide a link to any game but the game must be played on the website.

Quizzes FAQ

Can I add my own pictures to a quiz?

No, you can only use pictures that are provided by Pink Cat Studio.

Is there a way to align images and text in the question editor?

I would recommend using a table to align items in your question. To create a table, click on the table icon beside the picture icon. Once the table is placed, insert your text and pictures into the cells. You can then format the cells by right clicking inside a cell.

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