Clip Art Terms of Use

All Pink Cat Studio Inc. digital clip art files are the copyrighted designs of Pink Cat Studio Inc. and may not be reproduced or redistributed in any form.

By making your purchase of a commercial use clip art set from our TPT store, you agree to the following terms:

Terms for Commercial Teaching Resources

Pink Cat Studio Inc. clip art images that were purchased from our TPT Store and are listed as acceptable for commercial use can be used commercially to create printable teaching products that you intend to sell according to the following terms:

Products cannot be interactive.

We are aware that there is a growing trend for interactive teaching resources but our clip art can only be used commercially for teaching products that are meant to be printed out by the end user. Images may not be used for any other commercial product or service and are intended for small business use.

The graphics must be flattened in PDF format or secured in your product file so that they cannot be removed or copied. You cannot distribute interactive whiteboard files, PowerPoints, Google Slides, BOOM Decks, See Saw or any other interactive file format that contain Pink Cat Studio Inc. graphics. The final product must be printed by the end user.

Where you CAN sell your products:

  • on Teachers Pay Teachers and similar teaching marketplaces
  • in your own store on your website or blog

Where you CANNOT sell your products:

  • as part of a subscription offering on a website or product.
  • on the BOOM Learning platform
  • in any kind of App store or the iBook store


Products must have educational content, the clip art must accompany some form of text such as numbers, letters, words, or sentences on any page you create. Making decorative items with only the clip art is not allowed.

You cannot create coloring pages of any kind, including color by number. You cannot use the clip art in books or e-books or in any kind of app or online in any way.

You cannot make clip art by combining any of these designs and then sell or give it away. You cannot alter the clip art in any way.

Credit must be given by stating “graphics by Pink Cat Studio” in your product package and a link to must also be included.

You cannot create products for others to use in the creation of their products. Any kind of template for example. Your product must be for classroom use.

You may not use any digital image in the creation of logos or images for a company or commercial website or blog.

Please do not make assumptions about how the graphics can be used. Please contact me and ask before making a purchase if your intended use is not covered by what is written here.

Pink Cat Studio Inc. reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time without notice.

Terms for General Commercial Use (Paper Crafts)

- You may not use any coloured digital images that you purchased from PCS as part of a product to sell. They are for personal use only. There is one exception to this rule if you are making teaching resources. Please see the Commercial Teaching Resources section for details.

- You may sell your crafts in small quantities as long as the black and white digital stamp is printed out and then coloured by hand and made into a card or gift. You may not print out a project or card that you made on the computer and then sell it. The digital images cannot be printed on clothing or directly on a product of any kind and then sold. They can not be used for embroidery or to make embroidery patterns. Please include the text "Images © Pink Cat Studio" as part of your craft that you are selling.

Terms for Personal Use

- You can use the digital stamps to create crafts for your personal use or to give as gifts.

- You can use the digital stamps to make teaching resources for your personal classroom.

- You may display on the internet, a photo of any craft you create but please be sure to include "Images © Pink Cat Studio" where ever you display your craft.

- You may not sell, trade, share or redistribute the digital files in any way. For example, you may not print out a digital image and then give it to a friend or swap group. Another example, you may not email a digital file to a friend.

- You may not share the digital stamps with other teachers. If a fellow teacher likes a design, please have them come to the Pink Cat Studio website to purchase it.

A reminder of what not to do:

- You may not create embroidery designs, rubber or clear stamps or any other commercial product that you can think of with any PCS images, other than the exceptions listed above.

- You may not use any digital image in the creation of logos or images for a company or commercial website or blog.

- You may not alter the originals and claim them as your own.

Pink Cat Studio Inc. reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time without notice.

If you are unsure about the proper use of these graphics please email and ask before making a purchase. I will reply to you promptly with clarification.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital products we cannot offer a refund on any purchase. If you have any problems with the product you have downloaded please contact us at

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